About us

Mepaco, founded in 1932, is a manufacturer of grinding and blending systems. Our equipment products include thermal processing solutions, mixers, blenders, cookers, augers, dumpers, sanitary conveyors and material handling systems.

We specialize in sanitary design equipment for food processing industries including: meat, poultry, dairy, baking, snack, confections, fruits, vegetables, processed foods and pet food.

In 1993, Mepaco was purchased by Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation and became the food processing equipment group in the Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation family.

In 2006, Apache became a subsidiary of Dexter Apache Holdings, Inc., a 100% employee-­‐owned ESOP.

In 2015, the Mepaco group started a shopping cart website that will be expanded for all Mepaco popular replacement parts.


Reliability is the cornerstone that transcends our products and services. Great strides are taken to exceed expectations in production, quality, workmanship, longevity, safety, sanitary design and overall value. Reliability must be realized by all who come in contact with our products and services.